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Full Version: Lock Internal HDD with bitlocker + Script
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Video: MEGA (12.4mb)
 So yesterday i got asked how to lock internal hdd with bitlocker include how to lock/unlock it since internal partition doesn't hot swap like USB drive to pop-up unlock dialouge. you can manually open it from bitlocker manaement on control panel but it's a pain while you need to do it several times a day Big Grin
 I've been trying to make larger partition and fill it with random file but, eh, it took too long during video recording so i make smaller one again which is about 16GB
 Why need to lock internal drive? well maybe for some privacy, or placing file to somewhere else that a bit hard for you to reach (especially when you need to make master file backup and planning not to edit/make revision of it), or hiding those kinds of file.. y know..  Shy

here is the code from the vid

code for locking bitlocker drive
manage-bde -lock -ForceDismount f:
make sure you change that f: to your drive letter

code for unlocking bitlocker drive and ask for password
@echo off & cls

set Volume=%1:


manage-bde.exe -unlock -password %Volume%

echo. & pause & echo.

:: End of script
just look closely while i add drive letter to *.bat source, you can put it directly the letter at set Volume=%1:, replace the %1

   Save your recovery key on somewhere else, not on same drive (preferably on cloud host like mega/dropbox)
   You need to run bat script as admin manually every single time
   Your lock is just safe as your key
   Preferably making Bitlocker encryption on empty drive, rather than drive with filled one. less time during encryption

Happy encrypting Tongue