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Mid-Season Donation - Lynx - 07 February 2017

Hello, Internet.

Right now we are in winter mid season, and actually this is near the 1st anniversary of Anime Grimoire.

So we need some help from you. We need to renew our domain and pay for our server. It's ~US$20 ~US$25 and due to March 2017. So if you have a few bucks to spare, do kindly consider donating.

I hope you still enjoy being here, also I hope you are help to supporting this community. Thanks.


PS: Are you interested to the story of how animegrimoire started? Vote above!

EDIT: Thanks to Our Donator, the site still can alive

RE: Mid-Season Donation - Lynx - 01 March 2017

Hello, friends.
This is March and we still need some donation. Please consider donating.
Thank you.