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[HELP] Mind donating your hardware resources?
Video has been deleted 
Hi folks,
  It has been awhile since we're coming back to actively encoding, unfortunately per 31 December 2019 we're no longer able to do our encoding like usual because our donator decided to temporary stop their resources donation. Our life support isn't completely plugged off though, we still have a server that handle RSS bots, Leechbox, and quick management for backup flow. So we're not completely died, it's just.. dying.
  So here I'd like to personally ask for help, we're pretty much at dead end. while most of us getting busy with their real life could be solved by scripting most of encoding process, the hardware resource for actual re-encoding job isn't getting a replacement. Please help us by lending few of your hardware resources to help us keep continue encoding for this forum.

Overall our encoding process looks like this:
Show ContentEncoding:
*Green one is usually what we publish in forum while black is a cold backup from our donator and yellow is given to people that we able to met them in RL, we already discussed to also giving access to our hardware donator.

We decided to transfer source files using Syncthing because it has less overhead, and the actual encoder doesn't have to waste a lot of traffic while downloading from torrent sources directly.

For our encoding workload, we need at least:
  • 1 Core Dedicated CPU with AVX support
  • 1 Gb DDR3 RAM
  • 23GB free space in host machine (If it's a VM)
  • Network that capable to connect to VPN (standard OpenVPN UDP port)
  • 1Mbps (125KBps) Internet Connection

I already proved this usage from more than 300+ titles. Yes please don't even bother to imagine using windows+megui in that environment, It's horrible but we're survived, nowadays we got quality of live improvement ever since this dood actually figures how that sorcery works and now we're using headless Linux for pretty much everything.

There are many ways to donate your hardware to us:
  1. Install Linux (Preferably CentOS, we can 100% guide you from start to end)
  2. Enable SSHD from systemctl
  3. Connect to my VPN server
  4. from here, i'll be configuring everything through ssh and you don't have to do anything else

I'm completely aware that everyone are uncomfortable to give me a barebone system (AND YOU MUST NOT. DO NOT TRUST RANDOM DUDE IN INTERNET ASKING FOR A FULL SYSTEM!).
So to be honest, i actually prefer Virtual Machine environment because it'll jail us properly and you actually can limit how many CPU, RAM, and Internet Bandwidth that we're allowed to use to.

Here's how to do it:
  1. Download vmware installer, install it (again, we can 100% guide you from start to end)
  2. Download our CentOS vmx image, restore it in your VMware, set hardware and network limitation.
  3. Turn on your machine, if your networking is configured properly, i'll able to access the vm right away because the VM will be preconfigured with VPN connection.

For encoding stuff, mostly it cost a lot of data.
 - Source file (the mkv) is 650MB-ish
 - After-product is 103MB-ish
If you sum both of them, and add a 20% tolerance, it's close to 915MB data used per episode. for one title alone, in a month (for 4 episode, weekly release) will cost 3.7GB of data.

I really open if you want to put more restriction such as only episode per week and nothing more. or if you desire only encodes certain title only, i'd even go lower for one episode for a month, i needed those resources so badly, i'll take anything that is available. can't be a choosy beggar isn't it.

Any of your help is appreciated, please let me know if you're willing to help me. send me a pm if you've got question or if you prefer me to dm you on another platform (discord, telegram, Line, whatsapp, Signal) just send your id to pm. I'll contact you as soon as i read it. Thank you in advance

*I'd like to explicitly mention that Legendary Aurora doesn't financially linked to Animegrimoire's administrative. we're never uses any donation that go through the forum, instead, our donator are directly contacting us.

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