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This is the end.
Hey guys.

I just want to say thank you to all of you, the visitor of this website.
Unfortunately, I have to say goodbye.
This is a rollercoaster from the start, which may not have the best ups and downs.

I actually started this website on a whim, when Cyber12 is shutting down. As an University student at that time, I have so many time and fortunately have unlimited connection quota thanks to the university. In my country, uncapped unlimited quota is basically a godsend. I also barely have any money, so I need some donation to keep this site afloat. It's all fine and dandy until mid-2016.

In mid-2016, I have a big problem. My computer literally catching on fire from the charging port (a laptop). I've backing up the thesis, but I did not have a computer to encode. I ended up using my brother's laptop until graduation. I also use that laptop to encode, which have little power as that was an intel i3 mobile that super slow. I keep going because i did not have any choice.

Three months after graduation, I landed a job on a developer job, which have perks of having a laptop provided by them. That laptop was a-okay laptop for encoding. The problem is i did not have an uncapped unlimited quota internet as I cannot use the office internet for this (duh!).

End of 2018, i finally have the uncapped unlimited quota internet, and trying to keep up with the encoding. Unfortunately, I did not have any passion anymore for anime. I've never watch anime since graduation. So, encoding feels like "a job" for me, which actually are not a job.

And bring us to present day, where I've already have the money to keep the site, PC to encode, and quota to upload, but no passion whatsoever.

My main takeaway from this journey is


I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to these peoples:
  • RoriconKnight (as technical support for the website, he's the one guiding me to deploying the website)
  • reeyua (to back up my work when my computer is catching fire)
    and massive thank you to:
  • Legendary Aurora & Internet Explorer (and their teams, which supporting this website when i take a vacuum, and encoding many anime titles that i cannot count anymore, also they are the #1 donator!!)
also massive shout out to all the encoders that contributing to this website, from then and now.
and also YOU as the visitor of this website. THANK YOU!!!

This website will still available until March 2020. You can still sharing until then.

Thank you very much.



[Image: image.png]

See you next time!

[!] Found a dead lynx link? Report!
[!] Per 03 February 2020 We are decided to stop encoding. See you next time!
[!] WIP: join us if you miss 100Mb! c:
It's been a good run. rest in peace animegrimoire
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Final Archive
courtesy of @libev10 if you've seen this page from web archive, you may ask her for mirror in future
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