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[Guide] How to create c12 encoding quality. Now with Video Tutorial
(30 March 2016, 05:46 PM)foreverVIpm Wrote: hmm, ok let's leave that haali program aside it seems like we won't be using that. I got another question though if you don't mind; how do you change the font size and style? my mp4 output file has a different font style and larger font size compared to its mkv source.

well, use AegisSub or something like that to change the font style. Otherwise, you could just open the .ass file with any plain text editor - i don't recommend this as the number of entries is actually pretty much terrifying, thus find and replace might won't guarantee decent editing benefit.

also note, the fonts in .ass files is actually can be attached to .mkv file, if you did not have the font, whenever you burn-in subs manually you'll need related fonts in your Windows' Fonts directory. For instance, as i re-encode GATE, i will need to download OpenSans-Semibold.ttf as MeGUI didn't have any feature to add or extract attachment -cmiiw, the mkv metadata looks like:

[Image: ErcWBgM.png]

Fyi, anyway if you want to add some attachment, you could use IFME project as a GUI - this thing actually give a finer control on H.265 encoder compared to MeGUI - again cmiiw.. but don't ask us to use it yet, we're slow in experimenting new method and rarely accept experimental approach, yes, perhaps we're conservative.

Show ContentMeGUI comparison to IFME:
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