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[Guide] How to create c12 encoding quality. Now with Video Tutorial
(17 April 2017, 04:24 PM)Internet Explorer Wrote:
(17 April 2017, 03:19 PM)cyber222 Wrote:
(17 April 2017, 10:18 AM)Internet Explorer Wrote: i really concerned about processor because aurora ever said that video processing which render to file will push all work to processor, while video processing for live-editing will ask good VGA card too. we're using megui so it means the horsework is only on CPU Big Smile
Who is aurora? Huh

your forum s-mod  Sweat

  a classic intel hd 4000 onboard can run megui smoothly, this is just dumb easy explanation that megui isn't a gpu thirst
unless somehow you can mount the megui processing into gpu, of course (i'm interested on that too-- if possible)  Smile like those rainbow tables for passwd cracking

  and then try comparing it into vegas editor / another simple more like camtasia studio. for these kind of studio you starting to need a good gpu since the live editing will use gpu to show into your screen. roughly, for studio softwares, the intelhd4000 will be outperformed with radeon 85xx series / geforce gt 740+ series

  i just uploaded my current megui thats 2715 development update server, so use it at your own risk  Big Grin let me know if you missing some plugin files since i purge those *.backup to make the archive size lots smaller (also please ignore that general encoder settings, facebook-like encoder settings, and 60fps interlace avi script creator)

  regarding your cpu choice, just like i said back then I'm not really sure when it come to hardware picking, my usual device back then was using intel pentium dual core 2.3ghz, this one is slightly outperformed by i5 3210 which 2.5ghz (it was like 4-5min faster, small but noticeable).
  got few pcs (actually it's server) with intel xeon generation, but i guess i can't abuse my work tools for playing around lol

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