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[Guide] How to create c12 encoding quality. Now with Video Tutorial
(22 April 2017, 09:17 AM)Internet Explorer Wrote:
(21 April 2017, 01:19 PM)cyber222 Wrote:
(21 April 2017, 12:29 PM)Legendary Aurora Wrote:
(20 April 2017, 12:06 PM)cyber222 Wrote: What is difference between encoding from 1080p and from 720p?

basically time consuming, file size, higher resolution mean less device which able to play it (due old hardware spec) and our standard is following 720p

you are allowed to recode with 1080p output here, but you must attach 720p version
I see. The quality of product (720p) encoded from both 1080p and 720p are the same?

My understanding is that, if the video is encoded from 1080p to 720p, the quality of 1080p is compressed into 720p. Or is it reduced to 720p?

quality is not reduced since the bitrate stay same, so  it's called resized  Big Grin
compressed and resized  Cute Shy Thanks for the clarification.  Zero knowledge on bitrate and those technical stuff here. Big Smile

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