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[Guide] How to create c12 encoding quality. Now with Video Tutorial
(21 July 2017, 03:25 PM)Ze1ee530 Wrote: Hey guys, i want to encode some 200+mb anime i got from a friend to AG 100mb 720p, but i noticed there is a newer version of megui, 2715, but the one linked in the first post is 2624, is this still okay, are there no new enhancements that we're missing out on in the new version? I also want the videos to be H265, hope i can do this. Thanks

i'll point it

-> 2624 still fine. both normal and development update server. you will miss nothing

-> 2715 is fine (development update server only). because i'm the one who upload it

regarding x265 (~57mb filesize). i'm planning to make separated thread fro this one (because it's not following c12 encoding). it will be done in about 2 week, can't get any faster because im busy.

honestly i'm still testing several preset for x265 itself (still want to test it for about 7 files more). i'm also looking for more device and mobile device to check software decoding for x265. on another way, i need many feedback for my current x265 you can see them here

rest of x265 discussion are on discord, i can't move it to forum thread yet

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