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[Guide] How to create c12 encoding quality. Now with Video Tutorial
(21 July 2017, 11:17 PM)Ze1ee530 Wrote:
(21 July 2017, 03:50 PM)Legendary Aurora Wrote: ...

I've tried x265 on a mobile devices and they seem to work, i tried VLC player and rocket player and no problems there, i can try more if you want.

You didn't give any information at all. please elaborate

i'll be looking for several mobile device test such as

* Kindle fire from 5th generation - 7th generation
* Android v4.0 - v7.1.2
* Firefox OS v2.0.0 - Spark v0.1
* iphone "iOS" v5 - iOS 11
* Raspberry media server (could be Plex, openelec, or another pkg)

For those devices, if you willing to help, at least you must include
1. What kind is your device OS, include version
2. CPU architecture, free RAM before device is used for playing x265 videos, screen DPI, screen resolution
3. Using external video player? if yes, include it's name & used version
4. additional info such as possible error reproducing, another Repo info
5. Proof of successful. could be on-screen recording, or cheap screenshot with media info on it

For now i'd like to ask any test using external media player app, because if tester using internal video player, it could be wide problem for another device even in same OS version.
While it's external, it has big possibility to another device using it. if it has intrusive ads (maybe in android device case), i'll might need to deal with it first.

I dont want to see a thread exclusively providing x265 only. it still outperformed in term of device support compared to x264. and please take a note that not all animegrimoire anime downloader is using PC.

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