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[Guide] How to create c12 encoding quality. Now with Video Tutorial
(04 January 2018, 06:09 AM)cyber222 Wrote: What about this kind of problem? Blush  I think it's the source video's problem? Because it never happened to other video files.

i'm not into upscaling thing, better just download another source with bigger resolution even it's a RAW. then the rest just muxing the adjusted audio/subtitle. as upscaling tend to break anyway

but if you insist, and you have no problem with other video files, then you should go like this

1. get the "other video file"
2. get the MediaINFO of that file
3. extract the error(ed) file, convert it using earlier mediainfo which you get

after that error(ed) file has same format, you could continue process in MeGUI. it'll be fast as i believe you just need to change the codec, and a little bitrate adjustment

i ever tried this process long time ago (it was in my mid-grade iirc lol), the best tool i could use is called XMediaRecode, it has internal demigod media info so you could easily mimic it for the output file setting.

back then i was trying to convert dvds so it's playable in my phone. all default preset was useless as my phone couldn't play it. so i extracted the info from my phone's video recoding for reference in my video re-coding (yes i was a rebel back then playing pirated dvds) Big Smile

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