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[Guide] How to create c12 encoding quality. Now with Video Tutorial
(19 April 2018, 01:31 PM)Internet Explorer Wrote: I'm just going to make a google index for how to run MeGUI in Linux (Tested in latest Debian Stretch, with latest kernel and header)


Good work and thank you for your effort. logged in with root account like a madman 5/7 don't do that at home My Side

if you got more time to waste probably could do with few minor adjustment (such as turning off certain windows feature and useless services), picking 32bit base (but yea the vmware only support 64bit in latest releases) even tho it won't make much difference. Virtual-X any Hyper-V should be out of question knowing how trivial they are.

i'll overlook this. should be great if someday we got optimized version of windawgs with solely purpose to run megui inside it (probably with some support tools such as OCR, subbing things, rescue software in case the windows fail to recognize certain files). not so soon but slowly i will  Big Smile

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