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[Guide] How to create c12 encoding quality. Now with Video Tutorial
(03 May 2018, 04:28 AM)cyber222 Wrote: Stuck. Need help on the following error for the movie gotten from

[Image: H7RcdbN.jpg]

[Image: jpu7kRR.jpg]

uhh this is the NeroAAC error while trying to parse sample rate, not megui itself

1. Encode your files separatedly.
   - Poke [Queue] on each Video and audio field, it'll make separated process
2. Make sure your MeGUI audio encoder setting is forcing the output into stereo channel

if forcing to stereo in separated process still fail, consider to

  1. use OPUS option for audio encode, import the preset from here
  2. use TAC from here. try to cut off the audio sample rate (if you need reference, try to peek at HS audio). put the audio output afterward in megui for animegrimoire's AAC, and then mux them manually in last step

let me know how it goes (IIRC TAC doesn't got preset thing but i could show you how it done if some alternate above doesn't werks

(01 May 2018, 07:24 AM)Internet Explorer Wrote: i'm going to purpose tweaked animegrimoire.json Big Smile

Sample output:Dropbox

i have no objection for 128kbit audio. you can't prove it were worse than 32kbit anyway.
if you were hesitate, make entire releases with both 128kbit and 32kbit, make the forum vote it within month,  call it a day

as for handbrake, yes i'll ignore it for time being, i see no pros using it compared to MeGUI (especially from personal preferences). as for VM (with preinstalled megui, handbrake, and tools for encoding-related and subbing) i'll definitely release it even it was ridiculously stupid idea.
if it looks stupid but it works, it's ain't stupid

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[!] Per 03 February 2020 We are decided to stop encoding. See you next time!

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